Corporate History


Foundation of the “Sterkl” office as the predecessor of the current business groups.


DI Martin Schörkhuber joins the company as partner. From that point on, the company has started to extend its business to international markets. Numerous claims were processed in the Eastern European countries especially for Austrian insurance companies and construction companies. This created extensive contacts with local construction companies and technicians as well as people from the local insurance markets.


The global network “vrs-adjusters” has been joined, which was then called “vrs-universe”.


Foundation of the first international subsidiary in Hungary.


In 2007 there were extensive expansions. The subsidiary company in Romania was founded. In addition, official office locations were opened in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Balkans.


In 2008, the subsidiary “vrs-SSP GmbH” was founded, which bundles the entire “loss adjusting” for our international claims. Here, international damage is assessed holistically, from business interruption to structural and technical issues (inquiries). Optimal time frames for the restoration are taken into account.


Foundation of a subsidiary in the Czech Republic.


The office in London is opened.


vrs-SSP-Adjusters GmbH

Kornstraße 4, 4060 Leonding, Austria

+43 732 60 66 27

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