Technical due diligence

Due diligence is generally defined as an analysis, inspection and assessment of a project carried out with all due care by specialists, as part of a planned transaction.

A due diligence is usually divided into the following 2 areas:  

  • Due Diligence for law, finances and taxes 
  • Technical Due Diligence

To help us make a more exact value assessment of the project, we will carry out a technical analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each project – including the assessment of potential opportunities and risks (in addition to the due diligence for law, finances and taxes). This helps to create an improved decision-making basis for you and/or the investor, which is as transparent as possible.

The content of the technical due diligence must specifically be agreed in accordance with the customer’s needs concerning the order and project, and contains the following (as an example):

  • Project report – building
  • General project data 
  • Building and equipment standards 
  • Fire safety 
  • Costs  
  • Building rights 
  • Fungibility – possible conversion
  • Area plausibility check
  • Sustainability 

  • Contracts (existing) 
  • Reporting in accordance with ÖNORM B 1300 
  • Checking maintenance/repair-related costs to be paid by future owners 
  • Electricity cost requirements (for potential tenants) 
  • Other job-related questions
Technical due diligence example photo

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