Stock and Business Interruption Losses

Damages resulting from interruptions to operations

Damages to goods

A business may be partially or fully interrupted by a wide variety of loss events, e.g. an event caused by a fire, damages to constructions, etc. This is usually associated with considerable financial consequences, as the fixed costs of the company continue to apply, but either some or all of the revenue is lost.

We can offer you our support and, in particular, the technical knowledge of our specialists in the area of business interruption losses, helping you dealing with losses arising from interruption of operations of any scale .

In the event of such damages, we can support you by providing a sound assessment of all the effects of a partial or full business interruption for business operations of all kinds (both production companies and service providers). Taking all circumstances, which could have caused the damage into account, a profit contribution (= turnover minus variable costs) for the period of the interruption will be calculated by our sales specialists.

Furthermore, we provide checking of insurance costs for insured parties and insurers. This means that both insurers and insured parties can be informed of any underinsurance or overinsurance.

As a result, all financial consequences of a loss event can be represented transparently and comprehensively for both our contractors and the companies affected, and this enables us to make an important contribution to damages being dealt with quickly and efficiently by all parties.

As well as assessing financial business losses, our BI specialist department also offers help and support with assessing damages to goods.

If any finished products, semifinished products, goods or stocks are damaged or completely destroyed as a result of a loss event, the resulting damages will be assessed by our specialists, taking into consideration whether and to what extent the damaged goods can be recovered.


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