Liability Claims

Thanks to our extensive experience and our dedicated specialist teams we are ready to support our clients in handling liability claims in a wide variety of areas, whether it comes to the industrial, commercial or public sector. 

Our areas of expertise include:

    • general liability
    • public liability
    • product liability
    • professional liability
    • property owners’ liability
    • personal injuries
    • litigation support
    • etc.


We pride ourselves on providing our clients with comprehensive and objective technical reports, which serve as a reliable basis for determining the justifiedness of a liability claim and the further claim handling process.

All our loss adjusters have profound expertise in their respective markets. Nevertheless, as our local liability claim adjusters are backed up with an international team of specialists, we are not only able to efficiently handle liability claims involving parties from multiple countries, but their cooperation also allows us to investigate different facets of complex losses at the same time.

For our clients this also means information aggregated in one single report where the connections between the different facets are already drawn and the complex case is broken down into several logical connections. There is therefore no need for them to refer to several different sources of information provided by various specialists and loss adjusters. This facilitates a more agile claim handling process with a lot less effort necessary from the side of our clients.

Please read further to find out more about some of our areas of expertise in liability losses.

To assign a claim or inquire about how we can support you with handling liability cases, please contact us directly. 

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