Losses due to persistent hail- and thunderstorms in Austria already amounting to 500 M EUR in 2021

Destroyed crops, damaged roofs, broken claddings, shattered glasspanes, flooded buildings – losses due to hail and downpours keep piling up as violent storms strike daily in Austria

While southern Europe suffers from extreme drought and widespread fires under a heat dome, Central Europe has been tormented by almost daily hailstorms and downpours for the last two months.

Reports of hail, strong wind and flooding domineer the news in Austria as the weather conditions cause sizeable damages to buildings, infrastructure, crops and other property.

According to a calculation of oe24 published on their weather portal the total losses due to hailstorms so far amount to more than 500 M Euros, while the Österreichische Hagelversicherung reported an approx. 105 M Euro loss to the end of July solely for agriculture.

The final numbers are still unknown.

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