The 6.2 M 2020 Petrinja earthquake reached VII damaging to IX destructive levels in Croatia

Not even a year has gone by since the 2020 Zagreb earthquake last March, and Croatia was once again hit by a series of massive earthquakes.

On 29.12.2020 an earthquake of magnitude 6.2 M on the Richter scale, now known as the 2020 Petrinja earthquake, has hit the central region of Croatia. Followed by several strong aftershocks in the following days and weeks, the earthquake has resulted in extensive damages throughout the Sisak-Moslavina County, but also in other proximate regions of Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On the European Macroseismic Scale the maximum felt intensity was estimated to be between VII (damaging) and IX (destructive) degrees, showing a landscape of cracked walls, fallen chimneys, serious structural damage and complete collapse of weaker constructions. The local authorities report a near complete destruction of the town Petrinja, the town closest to the epicentre, but also widespread damage to the region´s largest hospital, numerous schools and the infrastructure.

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2020 Petrinja earthquake - loss adjusting of damages to infrastructure
2020 Petrinja earthquake caused deep tears in roads and other infrastructure throughout the central region of Croatia


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