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vrs-SSP conference on the current situation and future developments of the loss adjuster market in light of recent crises, Bucharest 2022

FUEDI General Assembly of May 2022 19-20. May 2022 marked the annual General Assembly of FUEDI, which was this year also combined with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the organization. After a 2-year break due to Covid-19, during which time meeting was only possible via video conference, we were happy to be able […]

Forest fire in Schneeberg-Rax, Austria still not under control The “largest forest fire that has ever occurred in Austria” is still far from under control. As the Kleine Zeitung reported today, although the firefighters succeeded to prevent the flames from spreading any further, the situation in the Schneeberg – Rax area of Lower Austria remains […]

Losses due to persistent hail- and thunderstorms in Austria already amounting to 500 M EUR in 2021 While southern Europe suffers from extreme drought and widespread fires under a heat dome, Central Europe has been tormented by almost daily hailstorms and downpours for the last two months. Reports of hail, strong wind and flooding domineer […]

An F4 category tornado causes devastating losses in southern Moravia, Czech Republic On 24.06.2021 an F4 strength tornado (characterised by a wind strength of >333 km/h and devastating damage) swiped trough southern Moravia in the Czech Republic. An unprecedented event for this region. The tornado left behind a 26 km long and up to 0.7 […]

FUEDI General Assembly of May 2021 On the 19 May 2021 FUEDI (The European Federation of Loss Adjusting Experts) held its annual General Assembly again by video conference call. Besides the general country updates the discussed topics also included the effects of Covid-19 and the profound changes it brought along in the field of loss […]

vrs-SSP supporting insurers with handling of snow load losses after heavy snowfall in Austria In the first two months of this year the Tyrol and Carinthia in the southern part of Austria received an immense amount of snow, rendering it to a fairytale-like winter wonderland. Nevertheless, although fluffy white snow is a delight to look […]

The 6.2 M 2020 Petrinja earthquake reached VII damaging to IX destructive levels in Croatia Not even a year has gone by since the 2020 Zagreb earthquake last March, and Croatia was once again hit by a series of massive earthquakes. On 29.12.2020 an earthquake of magnitude 6.2 M on the Richter scale, now known as the […]

The 2020 riots in the USA about to cause record losses The riots, which erupted after the death of George Floyd on 25.05.2020, will probably become the most costly civil disorder in US history. As the Claimsjournal reported, the currently ongoing riots are estimated to surpass the 1992 Los Angeles riots, which resulted in damages […]

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought a major digitalisation wave in the insurance world. We were already one step ahead.


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